A Few Technical Glitches : UPDATE


The bcrugbynews.com site is back up in it’s original form, on a new server but all the stories are there. If you don’t see it right away your internet provider DNS server may not be updated yet, it may take a few hours to update.

It has been a tough couple of days with our server going down Wednesday and the techs promising to fix it within the day, then it was the next day, then the next day… etc. It’s still not fixed. So the work around was to resurrect a project I had started last year, nationalrugbynews.com using WordPress. I started it in February 2018 with the idea of perhaps expanding coverage nationally with contributors from various provinces.  It was put on the back shelf but there are a few old articles you’ll see from 2018 that were used to seed the project.

So now while the bcrugbynews.com server is being fixed, we’ll post articles here and put an auto-redirect from bcrugbynews.com to here. When the other server is fixed we’ll decide whether or not to keep this going or return to the original system. I built the original system from scratch using Coldfusion back in 2005, it’s dated but was working well.

There are some issues in going forward permanently with this site, like getting all the old stories into the new WordPress site, re-tooling the members area, the videos are still there but just need to redo the access point. But for now the focus will be keeping up to date with the stories this week and see if we can find funds to hire someone to add the old stories.



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