Regional Rugby Starts Saturday with Three Matches at Westshore RFC

McKechnie CupThere are three matches at Juan de Fuca park, the home of Westshore RFC.

At 10:30am it will the U23 men’s game, Vancouver Island vs Fraser Valley. BC U19 coach Curry Hitchborn says he’ll be watching the U19 players closely in these matches for his team selection.

Then at noon it will be the senior women with Vancouver Island vs Vancouver, followed by senior men South Island Tide vs North Island Tsunami

We’ll add rosters as we get them but these are the

Senior Men – South Island Tide

1. Blake Van Heynigen, James Bay
2. Jake Slobodian, James Bay
3. Andrew MacPherson, James Bay
4. Jason Gagnier, Westshore
5. Quinn Horton, Castaway Wanderers
6. Peter Massimo, James Bay
7. Cole Moyschuk, Westshore
8. Mike Finnemore, Castaway Wanderers
9. Brandon Schellenberger, Captain, Castaway Wanderers
10. Jordan Tait, Westshore
11. Sean Stewart, James Bay
12. Michael Nieuwenhuysen, VC, James Bay
13. Shane Dagg, Westshore
14. Nate Tough, James Bay
15. Mitch Sorra, James Bay

16. Carter White, UVic
17. Bryce McKinnon, Westhore
18. Desmond Downer, Westhore
19. Nat Dring, UVic
20. Thomas Isherwood, Westshore
21. Aaron Hersant, Westshore
22. Noah Bain, UVic
23. Sean Park, James Bay

Coach: Clay Panga, Nanyak Dala, Mike Scholz

U23 Men – Vancouver Island Crimson Tide

1. Aidan Cole, UVic
2. Toby Ng, UVic
3. Desmond Downer, Westshore
4. Nat Dring, UVic
5. John McFawn, Cowichan
6. Hamish Dring, UVic
7. Antonio Corbin, Nanaimo
8. Carter White, UVic
9. Tye Benson, Cowichan
10. Thomas Isherwood, Westshore
11. Oliver Adams, Westshore
12. Isaac Gonevou, Westshore
13. Jonny Buck, Westshore
14. Aaron Hersant, Westshore
15. Noah Bain, UVIc

16. Gavin Kirkpatrick, Westshore
17. Lucas Grosse, Cowichan
18. Dakota Lachance, James Bay

Coaches: John Buxcey, MacBryan Bos
Manager: Patrick Carr

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