Rugby World Cup 2019 – Prediction Contest

Our RWC 2019 Prediction contest wrapped up and we had a 6 way tie for top spot at 39 points between ciarag123, Koala27, JonRose, VannyD, Ryan, PolCanKiwi so we had to go to the tie breaker rules. 

1. Who selected the winning team in the final
2. Who selected the closest point differential in the final 
3. Who selected the most winning sides in the tournament. 

Out of the top 6 only Koala27 and VannyD chose South Africa as the winning team. Koala27 predicted 21-20 (+1) for South Africa and VannyD 23-21 (+2) for South Africa. The final score was 32-12 (+20) so VannyD claims top spot by the slightest of margins. 

The winner will get a handsome plaque engraved with their name and “RWC Guru 2019” from Heritage House Trophies and a Hoodie from Lionheart Sports. Thanks to everyone for participating. 

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