About UBC Rugby

UBC Rugby has a 100-year tradition of rugby excellence at UBC, and strong alumni and University support. The UBC Rugby Program believes in continuing the tradition of developing balanced student athletes who demonstrate a range of dynamic abilities on and off the field; by doing so they advance their program goal of becoming the best rugby development program in North America.

UBC Rugby has the most comprehensive rugby facility in Canada, if not North America, and consists of:

  • The Gerald McGavin Rugby Centre, completed in January 2013 with field views, lounge, stadium seating & two Varsity changing rooms.
  • 4 additional changing rooms in original rugby clubhouse
  • Four (4) contiguous rugby fields plus Thunderbird Stadium for tournaments
  • Smith & Laycoe Varsity Weight Room – a 4,000 sq. ft., state of the art weight room with two sprinting alleys
  • Thunderbird Stadium – with capacity for 8,000, including 3,000+ covered seats with IRB approved turf for signature games

The quality of these facilities has made UBC the provincial Centre of Excellence for the BC Rugby Union and the location of summer programs.