A Few Technical Glitches : UPDATE


The bcrugbynews.com site is back up in it’s original form, on a new server but all the stories are there. If you don’t see it right away your internet provider DNS server may not be updated yet, it may take a few hours to update.

It has been a tough couple of days with our server going down Wednesday and the techs promising to fix it within the day, then it was the next day, then the next day… etc. It’s still not fixed. So the work around was to resurrect a project I had started last year, nationalrugbynews.com using WordPress. I started it in February 2018 with the idea of perhaps expanding coverage nationally with contributors from various provinces.  It was put on the back shelf but there are a few old articles you’ll see from 2018 that were used to seed the project.Continue reading

Allen Vansen Apology Letter: What’s the Reaction

Allen Vansen – Rugby Canada CEO

Within hours of Canada losing to Uruguay, Rugby Canada released the Allen Vansen apology letter. The letter seemed to be pre-written and ready to roll in case of this outcome.

The reaction on facebook was swift and ranged from anger to supportive, but mostly anger.

All 150+ comments can be read in the facebook post shown below.Continue reading

Sunday Musings: Weekend 7s Action; Rugby Canada Bring in Another Expert Henry Paul for Men’s XVs; UBC Defeat Seattle 48-10: Letters to Editor

Ian Birtwell – Canada XVs coach 1991 and 1995 RWC

Henry Paul Brought in for Backs

Foreign coaches and friends of foreign coaches, we’ve seen it all before. Crowley brought in his mates from NZ, even his own brother. Anscombe brought in people – that Scotsman who was a defensive expert, can’t even remember all the names now.Working vacation in Canada courtesy of the Canadian rugby community, Rugby Canada and no doubt World Rugby. Kingsley Jones bringing in his mates now, Henry Paul, the latest. They did such a wonderful job with Russia back in the day, might as well do the same with Canada now. Russia just got beat by Spain last weekend by the way, doesn’t look like they’ll make the World Cup repechage this year, more likely Spain is the country Canada will have to worry about at the repechage. You can read more at the link below. Henry Paul is currently working in that hotbed of elite rugby, the United Arab Emirates, head coach of Jebel Ali Dragons and director of rugby at Kings Al Barsha School in Dubai.

http://sport360.com/article/rugby/uae-rugby/266822/jebel-ali-dragons-coach-henry-paul-reconnects-with-friend-kingsley-jones-to-help-out-canadaContinue reading